MUZZLE THREAD PROTECTORS This thread protector is designed specifically to fit the .50 Beowulf thread pattern from Alexander Arms. Made of chromoly, it fits the 49/64-20 thread. It is available either unfinished, or black manganese phosphate finish. It has an outside diameter of 0.850” and was designed to work on multiple barrel configurations.

Beowulf Thread Protector - Unfinished PN MP-50BEO-CRM $30
Beowulf Thread Protector - Black PN MP-50BEO-BLK $30

AA Barrel

Other Barrels with 0.850" diameter

There are not a lot of options for people wanting to mount a bayonet on some of the big bore rifles. To begin with, you need to find a front sight or gas block with the right bayonet lug. There is one on the market with a 0.935" bore. But the bayonet lug on it is approximately 0.2" lower on the bore compared the regular AR bayonet lug. This means that the bayonet would be canted upwards. Also, many of the big bore flash hiders are larger in diameter than the standard AR flash hider that the M9 is designed for.
The fix for this involves a larger bayonet hilt, with the hole for the flash hider enlarged, and moved about 0.2" up from the standard hilt design. I made a few out of aluminum to have one for myself, and a few spares. The picture below shows a standard M9 hilt, my custom hilt(designed for a standard 0.875" flash hider), and the hilt machined to fit the larger flash hider for the Beowulf.

Here is a pic on the AR. It is built with an A2 upper, collapsible stock, and 16" beowulf barrel. The lower receiver is from Superior Arms, custom engraved with the 7th cavalry logo. The A1 style front sight is a part from DPMS, designed specifically for bull barrels. A sleeve was custom made to sleeve it down to fit the barrel for the Beowulf.

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